We've remodeled kitchens all over New York.  Let our kitchen remodeling experts help you transform your space into the kitchen of your dreams. Whether it is a simple countertop and cabinet replacement or a full-blown kitchen renovation or kitchen addition, the experts at S.R. Interiors, Inc. will create a space that meets the needs of you and your family.


Out of all the home remodeling projects, few can provide the benefits of a kitchen remodeling project. Remodeling your kitchen is a great way to add real value to your home. 

Kitchen Renovation Features

When talking about kitchen renovations in the Westchester NY, clients tend to think of the essentials first – appliances, sinks, cabinets, and countertops – but there is so much more!

Our team of knowledgeable experts will design a plan of action suited to your needs.

Let us advise you on what’s best for your kitchen renovation project, whether it’s new appliances, countertop workspace, or creating a more spacious kitchen or logical layout. It could be something as simple as updating a backsplash or something as big as adding in a gorgeous island.

Kitchen Islands and Countertops

Let us refresh your countertops with a smooth, gorgeous, brand-new look. We have a myriad of beautiful countertop materials to choose from and colors to suit every taste.

Looking for more space in your kitchen? An island is a great way to get that counter space you so desperately need. We can help you with you choose the right design for you and your kitchen.

Kitchen Flooring

Flooring is one of the most-often forgotten pieces of kitchen remodeling. A smooth, beautiful floor completes your kitchen and allows you to walk through it safely.

Whether you’re looking for tile, brick, wood, or anything else, S.R. Interiors can provide a ton of different flooring options to choose from. We can match the rest of your kitchen, update what you already have, or start from scratch with something stunning and brand new. It’s all up to you!

Appliances and Plumbing Fixtures

Don’t forget your fixtures and appliances when updating your kitchen! Whether you like the classic look or want stainless steel appliances, S.R. Interiors has great options to make your kitchen look amazing.

Kitchen Cabinets

Make a statement with new kitchen cabinets from S.R. Interiors.

Are your cabinets peeling? Do they have scratches, dents, or broken pieces? It’s time for something new. S.R. Interiors can help you select tons of great cabinetry material options that will complement any kitchen.

New cabinets – whether updated or completely redone – can make a huge impact in any kitchen.

Kitchen Lighting

Don’t forget about lighting! Are you tired of dark nooks and crannies in your kitchen? Not enough light to read recipes or see well enough while cooking? We have a solution for you.

Using your kitchen is a breeze with lighting upgrades from S.R. Interiors. Get gorgeous lights that provide you with the light you need, where you need it, all while beautifying your kitchen.


Does your kitchen need a facelift? A tile backsplash is a perfect way to add some pizzazz to your kitchen. S.R. Interiors offers a variety of styles and colors to fit any style and budget. It’s easy and affordable to beautify your kitchen with an updated backsplash provided by S.R. Interiors.

Bar Areas

Upgrade your entertaining with a gorgeous, updated bar area. S.R. Interiors can provide you with numerous options to make your bar area complement your kitchen and look absolutely stunning and inviting.

Kitchen Renovation Design Ideas:

Need More Space?

  • Stop the frustration and get more space

  • S.R. Interiors can bring precious space back into your kitchen, no matter the size

Is your lack of counter space driving you crazy or making cooking more difficult than it should be? If you’re not satisfied, S.R. Interiors can help by assessing appliance positioning as well as counter shape and other factors that could be stealing valuable space away from your kitchen.


Better Traffic Flow

  • Make room for all the cooks in the kitchen

  • Increase social interaction

  • Let us design a more open kitchen renovation for you

If there’s more than one cook in the household, maneuvering around the kitchen can become a problem when sharing the space. If you enjoy entertaining, you may find that an open plan kitchen renovation will give you the opportunity for increased social interaction while whipping up your next meal.


  • Make your kitchen safe for the little ones

  • Adequate space for preparing family meals

  • Avoid sharp corners on countertops

If you’re a parent, keeping your kitchen safe for your kids is absolutely essential. Old appliances and certain kitchen designs can be dangerous for young children. In addition, if you are planning to expand your family, you may want more space to adequately prepare bigger meals in the future. The KNBA Kitchen Planning Guidelines suggest that microwave ovens should be installed 3 inches below the principal user’s shoulder but no more than 54 inches above the floor to avoid accidents. Also, the NKBA also suggests avoiding sharp corners on countertops with kids around.


A More Efficient Kitchen

  • Update your appliances

  • Embrace technology advancements

  • Save water, time, and money

If your appliances are dated, they may be costing you more money than you expect. New technological advances with dishwashers, disposals, and refrigerators could save you a considerable amount of money and may be well worth the investment. For example, purchasing a dishwasher with low-energy consumption, delay timer, and economy cycle or half-load button will result in saving water and money.


A Kitchen With Universal Design

  • Make your kitchen accessible to all

  • Great for enabling access for the disabled, injured, or elderly

  • Ensure you’ll be able to use your kitchen safely and efficiently as you age

  • S.R. Interiors can help you design a kitchen renovation that will meet your needs through every stage of your life

Is your kitchen accessible to individuals with disabilities? You may think this is unnecessary; however, think about how you will use your kitchen as you age. Will you be able to use your kitchen safely as you get older? Considering these issues is vital for any kitchen renovation. Employing Universal Design techniques in the remodel will help ensure that your kitchen is accessible to or usable by all people, regardless of age, size, or physical ability, without the need for adaptation or specialized design later on.

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